Cupid Tinder Match #6

Guy on Tinder: Hey (: love your smile.

Me: Thank you!

Guy: Where are you from in LA?

Me: I’m not from LA. I live in Ojai.

Guy: Oh… ever in LA?

Me: Sometimes. Where are you?

Guy: Sherman Oaks. I’d like to meet you.

Me: Sounds like you need to make a drive then.😊

Guy: Never in LA?? Ojai is very isolated.

Me: Sometimes. If you want to meet me you’ll have to come see me. 😊


“I’d like to meet you as long as I don’t have to put in any effort.”

You know what really impresses women? Telling them to come to you. Be still my beating heart, Casanova. Maybe he’ll have me drive, pick the bar, and pay, too. *fingers crossed*


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