Photo by Coffee

Crystal Mirrors. 4/13/18

We have been surrounded by a house of mirrors.

They have been blown out by others false faith behind their masks.

Their skeletons turned into a chameleon when it suits them.

We are now standing on top of broken shards of glass, hellbent on turning these broken pieces of glass into crystals.

Where will shine no matter how many times we are the subject of their selfish thievery

Why all go to all this trouble all so they don’t haveto face their own selves surrounded by their own houses of mirrors of cheap glass?

All in the name of God, when in reality all you’re worshiping in this made up a conception of him where he is constantly in agreement with your actions.

We have been surrounded by a house made from your faux belief that you’re true followers of a king whore bore so much for you.

You have turned those thrown from the roses of love, and turned them into arrows to aim at us.

All to pierce our heartstrings.

Keep aiming high from your bejeweled high horses.

When you idolize your own idea of the holy spirit, you muddy the waters so know can come out clean.

Go baptize yourself in your own narrow-minded river of hypocrisy.

And let us turn the glass around us, the sharp, jagged pieces into our own crystal castle where we never see you coming again.

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