Believe In True Love

Never settle for anything less

“Never settle for anything less.”

It’s a tricky phrase isn’t it? When I think about it, it makes me feel a little bit proud. And too much pride is never a good thing.

Nevertheless, always believe in that romantic lovestory. Sorry but no sorry. We shouldn’t deny those human needs. Because if there is one thing they must teach you in highschool is that when you hang out with people who only put themselves as a priority you become their cliche option thing. And you are not a thing to be picked up only when they need it. Not in love, not in friendship, never.

You are a human being with deep emotions. You are a tiny creation yet so great that the ability to love someone is one of your greatest strenghts. Your heart is so precious when it comes to love that you must be careful with whom you share it. The heart is a sacred place.

I believe in that everlasting love, in those love stories that are the cherry on life’s beauty. I believe in marriage and wouldn’t want anything less.

You must have heard of those stories of married couples and when one of them dies, it does not take long before the other partner dies as well. It is a reminder that love itself has a tremendous impact on the way you live your life. It deeply affects our thinking and our feelings.

In time life brings us life lessons who is worth our time and who isn’t. In those defining moments it is important to not lose hope. It is difficult, because everything that makes us human comes not only with our rational mind, but also with emotion. And those emotions are there to be acknowledged.

This morning I received a newsletter in my mail inbox “If you want to be in love, be in love”. (Source) True. Although the article spoke about love in various areas, I would like to focus on love within a couple. It was a beautiful manifestation of what happens when we stay positive on a uncertain thing such as love.

Don’t stop believing in love.

The best lovestories are those of two people commiting on a journey of a lifetime together. Their happiness together becomes of qualitive worth, not necessarily of being completely dependent on each other. Even though I sometimes even wonder what people mean by that.

When we commit ourselves to one another it is normal to expect that person being there for us. Because, wouldn’t we do the same for them? In this fast changing world we’re constantly told we should be this perfect independent human being. No, we don’t. Of course, we should not be clingy. But that is not the same as knowing that the other person will be there for you by means of their deeds.

When you settle for anything less you keep hoping for basic needs in a relationship, but you end up alone. Wondering how to make things work, alone. That is not love.

There is only one word that sums up love: togetherness. It is about each other. What comes along with that is being suitable for another in sharing the same life goals.

I encourage you to keep hoping, dreaming and asking for what is best. Become an example of what you believe love should be.

Don’t ever be discouraged by people in the front row telling you to be realistic, insisting there is no such a thing as real love. There is. There always will be. Look around. Those beautiful couples popping up everywhere are an example of that. (Yes, I mean Prince Harry and Megan Markle.)

True, there is no perfect lover. That is the only true thing. There is a crucial difference between true love and a perfect lover. We as humans are imperfect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find someone striving for its closeness to perfection.

Raising your standards on what you find important is not always something to compromise on. If you want to compromise on who should cook dinner, do, but never compromise on core values of a healthy relationship.

Loyalty, respect, trust, commitment, religion.

What would you add?

I’ll give you a minute.

1, 2, 3.

See, it’s not so difficult to never stop dreaming of a great potential spouse. I bet you even went far on that, dreaming already of your wedding. Just kidding.

Or not kidding.

When you don’t think seriously about what is important in love you can end up with someone who can make you think about it through a painful experience such as a divorce.

We don’t want that. Seeing the current statistics on divorce rates is among the most disturbing news. It almost becomes an excuse for people to continue cheating on eachother or ending relationships too soon.

“See, I told you! True love doesn’t exist”, is what those same people standing in the front row will throw in your face without any mercy.

Keep on believing.

We all deserve to be with someone with whom we can build a beautiful life.

One of our missions in life is to leave an everlasting mark.

Love is a wonderful piece of that mission.

May your love dreams be fulfilled with the one who is meant for you and best for you.

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