August 23, 2016

That was the day I wrote my very first story here on Medium. This was also the first thing I’d written in years, other than the odd corporate memo that is…

This is it, in all of it’s 23 views, 16 reads, 9 “hearts” glory, if anyone’s interested.

It is one of 213 original stories I have shared with all of you… a mere 5% of the total of nearly 4,000 stories I have written here.

On that day it was hard for me to believe that anyone would read anything I wrote, or-hell no!- Actually?? Like it?

But I had this thing within me… an overwhelming need to write stuff down and to share it with someone. To know that it wasn’t just sitting in a journal somewhere and nobody would ever find it, let alone read it.

And not only do you guys find me with your arms wide open? You make me feel loved, treasured, respected… You accept me, regardless of all my faults and foibles, temper tantrums and kisses, rants and breakdowns. You’ve seen me through more shit this year that was difficult for me to express outside of writing, and you guys give me so much encouragement to keep on expressing it.

Thank you.

It’s been a wonderful year for me here. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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