as you watch, 
from your fire

derived from “The Stare”

Courtesy of Pinterest

Slaking this thirst,
Breathing in fahrenheit
3rd degree burns
weep no more.

Fire caught up in Fire
Bloody, seeping
unhealed pasts
Cauterized and 
sealed under my skin.

This body wrapped
in charcoal tattoos,
inked by your eyes.

Here now is
fallowed ground.
With the ashes of every desire
sprinkled across the way.

I drop my gaze.
Fire. Reclaimed.
Thirst slaked,
I retreat.

Blazing wings soar.
Burning no-one.
Saving no-one.
for me.

You’re left.
Staring at the sky.

Thanks to Ashima Saigal for prompting this version of the stare.