An open letter from the past

To my Lady in 2028.

*Excerpt from our 30 Days Relationship Challenge

Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash
Our grandparents built the world.
Our parents built houses.
We build relationships.


I’m dictating this for my virtual assistant to address you on March 31th in the year of 2028.

You’re sitting on a veranda in front of our private island estate. It occurred to me again. I’m a blessed man to share this experiences with you. It used to be easy to forget.

Now I can feel it.

It’s an early spring day. The sun lights are breaking through and painting your skin to appear darker.

When I look at you I see a powerful, vibrant and irresistible woman who was crazy enough to follow me around twenty years ago.

We have become everything we imagined us to be back then and much more. You overcame your personal peak goals.

You are in ecstasy with yourself. You’ve reached abundance.

You’ve built yourself from the deep within.

You’re so fucking hot I could hijack you, rip your skirt off and fuck you on a roller coaster for hours.

You’re smiling and radiating. Your tears are a glimpse of Nature’s own heartbeats.

Your only client is still Lisa Nichols.

We earn million dollars a month from our business. We have a personal cook and a butler.

Our two children engage in this environment we created.

We take trips with our private boat to visit your hairdresser and beautician.

You’re not scared to fly all around the world to meet prolific and influential people ’cause you’re one of them.

You give out much more than you take. ’Cause you feel connected and addicted to all existing life forms.

You are hosting our families together in your warmth and wisdom.

You’re easy to everyone. You let go and create in a matter of seconds.

You lead in a gentle way. Nobody can even tell you’re guiding them one step closer to the source of well being.

You’ve become a close friend and admirer of your mother. You gave back to her. She can live the beauty of her painful genie. She is proud of you. She calls you every day. She likes to come and play with our kids.

We never forgot Lola. She is our first.

We have another dog now. Her name is Loli.

We take a regular swim here every evening after dinner.

Then we have our glass of wine and cuddle up to look ourselves around this beautiful life.

I look at you right now while you sit there.

I think to myself.

What a lucky guy I was to bump into

you in the first place.

It must have been God who led me.

Only he could point me out in your direction.

The old fucker knew how to set me free.

Through loving you.



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