An Insomniac at 3:05 AM

Source: the End of the F***ing World

To know you,
I have forgotten my impetuosity.
Silk reeling off from cocoons,
layer by layer,
as I spend every second unveiling
your happiness,
your stumbles,
things you despise,
things you love,
and things you live for —

I’ve gone from being infatuated
with your smile
to falling in love
with every facet of you.

Even the most ethereal semantics cannot conjure
the lovely wishes we share:
maple-tinged sunsets,
heart-shaped pancakes,
smooches on the neck,
sporadic dances on the kitchen floor…

You strum
the strings of a guitar,
a delightful tune
seeping from a retro radio— 
an enthralling picture,
how I long to lay my eyes on you
for a lifetime.

One day,
I show up in your city
wearing my prettiest dress
with all my butterflies
and sun beams,
and dewy flowers,
a destination for all my wanderings.

I hope the breeze
caresses your eyelids like velvet
when you gaze into my eyes.
Heart pounds,
whims interlace,
arms entwine…

You smile.

the world fades.
stars align.

I wrote this poem for a special person whom I met three months ago and couldn’t stop thinking about ever since. These personal sentiments are intimate to many — the feeling of a world transforming after “the right person” walks into our lives and stirs up a hurricane. Love unfolds like a children’s book, full of whimsies and daydreams; love surges like a rampant horse that the best we can do is to let go and follow.

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