An Empty Heart…

When love is gone

Photo by Florian Pérennès on Unsplash

Reality is washing ashore to the back of my eyes with waves of pain

I can barely hold back these tears of regret, nor the wail of anger thickening in the depth of throat.

It almost always seems a dream is all happiness is

Somehow the cold of uncertainty and the dagger of hurt get to burst that bubble of peace,

Knifing their way through your securities, leaving nothing but a hollow soul no longer whole.

Even the fondness of memories get tainted with loneliness, a void only presence can feel.

The quiet of serenity becomes the insidious silence of desolation, and the warmth of hope nothing more than infernal despair.

Such is the disposition of an empty heart, the countenance of a broken soul.

An empty heart, my broken heart.

I am Bate-Epey Ebai, from Cameroon… for all broken hearts out there. Heal.