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Letter sent on Oct 26, 2017

An Articulation of Tragedy

Dear PS I Love You readers,

Time to come clear: As a reader, I possess a sincere and unassailable preference for fiction.

While I love me some good poetry, and while I do of course read lots of nonfiction, when I get up in the morning with my cup of coffee and log on to my favorite platform, I tend to drift immediately and sometimes helplessly towards my short fiction writers: Tre L. Loadholt, Stephen M. Tomic, Anna Breslin, etc.

This message is brought to you by AMI. Your friend with a story.

Yesterday morning, however, I stumbled upon an essay that presented such a vivid and unvarnished recollection of a uniquely human experience that I had no choice but to put the rest of my reading schedule on hold.

That essay was Medium newcomer Heath Sanchez’s memoir-essay 3 Big Things I Learned When My 3 Year Old Daughter Died of Cancer. The piece chronicles the final days of Sanchez’s daughter, Charlotte, along with what he and his wife did in the days, weeks, and years that followed her death in order to cope with her loss.

Sanchez’s writing is gripping, sharp, concise — a sort of bare-bones, no-nonsense retelling of the pain and difficulty of those final moments and the months that followed. At the same time, however, Sanchez’s story is wise, curious, and warm. By the time I finished, I felt sad, yes — for the hardship so brutally detailed — but also sort of revitalized, rejuvenated with a renewed appreciation for my own life, and all the happiness and love I’m still lucky enough to call my own.

The rest of this week’s stories are great, too, and include nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and stories that blend all three genres. I hope you enjoy.

That’s all for now. Until next week, #OneLove.


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