About light bulbs and shaky knees

This is not a new topic. But still something that needs to change so I say it again: Men are afraid of independent women. Of course they would rather cut off their balls than admit it, cause everyone wants to man up next to a strong woman. But fact is they sometimes instinctively can’t.

I often faced the situation that (first interested) men lost interest in me as a woman, after they heard my story, which I was quite proud of and thought I could rather impress than scare away with. They listen to it with curiosity, ask lots of questions, but in the end they leave and start flirting with some Bambi eyed cutie with a naive smile.

Because they don’t get one very important thing: I didn’t exactly ask for dealing with every single fucking thing im my life on my own. It’s more like life happened and I had to learn to get my shit together.

Yes I lived in 3 different countries, in 9 different apartments and came to Hungary without my family. I didn’t only live many years alone but also traveled alone, yes I run my own business and won’t starve without a sugar daddy, yes I’m intelligent enough to get most of my things done without further instructions, yes I can change a light bulb, put together IKEA furniture on my own and even install a sound system in my apartment. And yes sometimes I have the feeling, that I have more balls than lots of my guy friends. Do I feel comfortable with this all the time?

Dear Gentlemen, the answer is: Hell no!

Don’t get me wrong, being tough and independent is important and valuable. I’m the first one to judge women, who are comfortable with making themselves dependent on someone else. But 21st century and exaggerated feministic movements forced us into becoming multifunctional superwomen run by 100% female energy and willpower. I learned dealing with everything because I had to. That doesn’t mean, that it’s not super exhausting sometimes. Or that women like me wouldn’t like someone to take some weight off their shoulders. At the end of the day I’m just a girl who wants to get a cuddle and hear someone saying: I’m there for you.

Imagine it as working in a big company where you theoretically have the skills to do any task yourself. Does that mean you don’t need any co-workers, team mates, assistants or advisors? Most certainly not! We all have our rolls and others who can complement us.

Being able to deal with everything doesn’t necessarily mean that you WANT to deal with everything alone. Dear men, it’s a fact, that the modern world taught us more than just standing in the kitchen and doing the laundry — thank god it did.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be an important part of our lives! That doesn’t mean, that you’re unnecessary. You’re still the ones with the broader shoulders we can lean our heads on and the deeper voice, that makes our knees shaky. You still have the ability to make us feel special, sexy and desired with the way you look at us and treat us. And you can be the ones that make us feel safe and home after we faced our daily challenges. Even the most self confident woman enjoys the attention and admiration of a man. In the end this is our instinct and human nature. And dear Ladies: We don’t have to be feministic super cunts to prove that we’re worth something.

What should we do with a fixed light bulb and our emancipated self-esteem if we don’t have someone to share our joy with…

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