A Wonderful Day

Dear reader,

Recently I have moved back home from University, as I am finished with my undergrad. As each day passes, I find myself enjoying life more. Learning new things, trying to cook, even doing chores have become more enjoyable. I realized that it wasn’t that I never really hated any of these things, it was just that I haven’t had time to really appreciate it.

With each day that passes, I find me appreciating being with myself more. I find that there really doesn’t need to be a self-titled label on yourself, clarifying that you are single. I realized that relationship status really doesn’t have much to do with these things.

With each day that passes, I find myself straying away from the entire concept of a relationship in general. That just because I’m ‘alone’ doesn’t mean I have to be lonely. All the things that I thought I missed about a relationship, can actually all be enjoyed with some of my closest friends as well.

Something else I realized, is that I can finally sleep again. I can finally sleep very pleasantly because I am satisfied with how each and every day ends. I am satisfied with myself, and I am satisfied with everyone around me. And that’s what being happy is all about right reader? Being perfectly content with how life is, and the pace at which my life is progressing. I wish everyone an amazing day!

Love always,


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