A Girl With The Broken Heart!!

She was just like everybody else, with great ambitions and dreams but fate had other plans for her. She is now broken into pieces, not because she had a nasty relationship but because she has been hurt, by people she thought are her friends, her well-wishers. We have all been through ups and downs in our life but there is always this threshold for tolerance. Every human can only take so much in their life before it breaks them.

This girl with a broken heart was just like everyone else out there, broken by expectations, trust, honesty and what not. She used to be fun, out-going and the way she spoke made her one of a kind. But now she is locked inside her room, spending hours thinking what went wrong in her life. Over-thinking can kill people, it can ruin their peace-of-mind. So, what happened to this happy-to-go-around girl? (when I say girl, I speak for almost every girl out there)

This girl, am referring to, was disappointed by the people she thought who would never hurt her. She was disappointed because she expected too much. Her only mistake was expecting people to do the same for her. It’s the silliest of mistakes we humans do. When we put ourselves out there, some understand us, others just take us for granted.

When we befriend someone, millions of things run in our head like, what they think about us? Are we doing fine or just embarrassing ourselves?. Once we move on from that awkward phase and the closer we get to that person, we start to expect and we do things to make them happy. There is this saying that goes and I quote, “ When we love someone, we shouldn’t expect things from them just because we would be willing to do that much for them”. It’s true. Love towards someone should be a selfless act. But how long we can expect someone to be selfless?? I mean let’s face it, we are humans and we do have feelings. This girl was no exception to this. She used to be the girl who would make sure that everyone is happy around her and she would go to great lengths to make that happen. But what about that girl? Did anybody care whether she was happy? The answer was an NO.

Many of us are like this girl, broken because we didn’t matter to people as much as they mattered to us. This trend should be changed. We should realize that we should treat people based on how they treat us. It’s about time we got back what we once gave to others. We don’t have to waste away the time, thinking what we’d done wrong. We don’t have to sacrifice our sleep, thinking things over and over again. We don’t have to wet our pillows in the middle of the night just because we made some wrong choices. We are humans and we make mistakes. The best thing about this is that we learn from those mistakes. This blog may sound confusing, some may like it others may ignore it but mostly many of us can relate to it. Stop getting our hearts broken and start making a life of your own. It’s about time we started living our life for ourselves rather than to please other people.

Originally published at nerdyglasses007.blogspot.in on September 27, 2016.

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