❤️ Things I learned about Love….

This ones for the people in their 20’s

Black Love

• There is no such thing as taking a Break in a relationship. It is an Illusion.

If both of you are unable to face any obstacles together then you already have a weak relationship.

In a relationship you two are suppose to be a team. If you feel stronger alone then what do you really have?

• Putting blame on your significant other for the things that unfold in your life will ruin what you have with them.

Blame is how you come to stay in the energy of victimisation & bitterness.

How could YOU do this to me?

Because of YOU I felt bad.

Because of YOU I missed out.

This energy leaves you powerless, & powerlessness leads to depressive symptoms.

See life as a co-creation, not a dictated manifestation. Things happen to you, & your part in creation is how you interpret & respond to what has occurred. This is the cocreation. Let your loved one know what’s going on. Communication is one of the best forms of Love.

• Arguments can excite and destroy things at the same time.

If you’re looking for ways to spice up your relationship arguing is not the answer. This goes for both parties (men and women). You want a little advice then here’s one.

Foreplay is the answer. Yes I said it. FOREPLAY is the answer. I know what you’re thinking

What is he talking about?

Well hear me out. Foreplay isn’t only something you do before sex, no it’s not kissing on your girl or licking her body parts. Foreplay is mental and it’s dealing with your woman on a day to day bases. And if you try this out and when it comes time to make love to her it won’t take her long to arrive (release fluids) because mentally she’s already there.

For Example:

When she comes out the shower naked and she’s walking past you just give her a little tap on the butt. She won’t do nothing but back up and say

“Boy you better stop.”

When she’s in the kitchen cooking just come up behind her and act like someone else and say:

Hey girl you got a man?

then Let that conversation lead into something else (love making).

But this is where consistency comes in. If you’re consistent with it then I promise you that things will flourish. Because if you keep ignoring her and arguing with her thinking that’s spicing things up then you’ll be love making with your pillow.

• Distance Amplifies wanting. But it cannot recreate itself.

I’ve written something about this and I asked a question like

can a new relationship survive with an ex?

And the answer I chose to give was that it’s always easy to revisit old wounds/habits. Old places that use to understand you. Some people can grow. So yes they can. But then again not everything can be taken back or given another chance. So this is where knowing yourself comes in.

So if you feel like that it was best for you guys to move on from one another then so be it. There’s no need to recreate or even try again. That feeling of wanting to be back with that person, that distance from one another, and the time not spent will begin to fade away.

Things take time. So have patience.

• You can’t be everyone’s Hero. Save yourself from the pain of feeling for everyone else.

If it’s not one thing that I’ve learned from Love. I’ve sure learned that you should come first. Self Love is the Best Love. Loving yourself is monumental no one can ever treat you better than you treat yourself.

In your 20’s find a balance between hustle & rest. you don’t need to have a love life or a soulmate figured out. Battle your demons. Find people who value your heart & yours will attract. Don’t live in the past, you have so much more to see.

Be your own Hero.

• Waiting and Patience are Two Different Things.

If you’ve been told how things will change and it’s been a while since you’ve felt a breath of fresh air when you kiss them or a sigh of relief when you hug them then they will have you waiting forever.

But if your partner is dealing with Depression and they feed the flow of your energy and help you carry your weakness into strength. Then having patience and helping them through their process shouldn’t be an issue.

Please know the different. Don’t get fooled by the Wolf in sheeps clothing.

❤️ Let Love Break The Internet

Thank you for Reading.